Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 Keypoint you should consider before buying a Tablet

As Christmas is nearing, people tend to buy gifts for their loved ones. This christmas if you’ve planned to get a techie gift such as gadgets, handheld tablets, then here is a simple guide. Hope this will help to show you how to choose the right product for your christmas. At the moment, tablets are the most desired ones among the technology fans. With the increase in tablet production on various platforms like Android, you might be confused which one to get – iPad or Galaxy or Playbook or some other android tablets. Based on the popularity, fame of the brand in mind, you should be very careful in paying for the right product.

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So here is a brief guide to key points that you should always consider before buying your tablet, and discover which of these advantages make sense to you.

Data Connection :

The first and foremost thing that you should consider before buying the tablet is, the internet connection that you’re going to use. Tablets these days comes with both WiFi and 3G. Only if you get a tablet with 3G enabled, then you can use it effectively when you’re travelling. So, make sure you get a 3G enabled tablet device and choose the right data connection based on your location.

tablet guide Christmas Shopping Guide : Key Points That You Should Consider Before Buying Tablet

Screen size :

You should decide your tablet usage like if you’re mainly using it for playing games, watching streaming videos, photo slideshows and more for a visual appearance, then you should consider the tablet screen size. Never think the bigger the screen size the better will be, there are tablets with small screen and has a better resolution and colors etc. So, go for screen size which suits you the best. Get hands-on and feel it before you buy. Check out like playing videos, viewing image/photo slideshows before you buy them.

Android or iOS :

When it comes to tablet, these are the two major operating system that rules the tablet market right now. Android or iOS ? Apart from this, you have Blackberry and WebOS. All operating system and manufacturers know the basic usage of people and all tablets has the basic stuff like interaction, native streaming, video applications, weather forecast, social networks, GPS, etc. But the User interface and the hardware quality makes iOS or android tablets to stand out. Also the third party applications on Android and iOS devices are of good quality and numbers.

tablet guide 1 Christmas Shopping Guide : Key Points That You Should Consider Before Buying Tablet

Accessories :

The external components for a tablet is also essential when it comes to outer casing, keyboard, speakers, amplifiers, antennas and cameras etc. Check out the device and its support components that will be useful in time of your life. Also before buying the tablet device make a list of your usage pattern and if you’re seeking out good camera quality, sound quality or apps – based on that you select the device.

Last but not least, if you’re fan of Chinese products, then there is a clone for each and every tablet that comes in the market right from iPad to Galaxy products etc. If the original brand ones cost you around 1500$, you can get the same clone for less than 750$ from chinese market.

tablet guide 2 Christmas Shopping Guide : Key Points That You Should Consider Before Buying Tablet

Finally, if you’re looking out for Some best value tablets or Cheap tablets – here you go :

1. Amazon Kindle Fire

2. BlackBerry PlayBook

3. iPad 2

4. Samsung Galaxy Tabs

5. HTC Flyer

6. Acer’s Iconia Tab

7. Asus Eee Pad Slider

8. Motorola Xoom 2

Hope you like the idea, how to choose a best ipad for your love one.

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